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Our certified service technicians are ready to help you with any problems your car may have. It can be hard to tell when its the proper time to service your vehicle so we have made this page to help you know when to schedule service.

Here at Quirk our goal is to make vehicle maintenance as convenient as possible that is why we now offer the Mopar Express Lane. With the Mopar Express Lane you'll receive the same high quality service you'd expect without the need for an appointment.

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Know when to schedule service




Without regularly scheduled wheel and tire maintenance you may encounter larger problems such as suspension damage, poor alignment, and handling issues. We recommend inspecting your tires at least once a month to catch any potential problems before they progress.

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Worn Out Tires?

Worn down or uneven tire treads can cause your car to be a less comfortable ride and lead to alignment issues. Instead of dealing with more expensive maintenance costs and flat tires check your tire treads often. A quick and easy way to measure the tread of your tires is to use a penny, by placing a penny in the treads of the tires you can measure the amount of wear and determine whether or not they're safe to drive.



Brake issues?

It can be difficult to know when to service you brakes that is why we recommend scheduling brake service every 6 months. If you find it takes longer to come to a complete stop or hear a high pitched noise while braking these are signs it may be time to service your brakes.

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