Open Chrysler & Jeep Recalls

Chrysler & Jeep Recalls

As vehicle’s age the manufacturer sometimes finds parts that don’t meet their standard of long lasting durability. When this happens they will open a recall. This allows you to bring your car to a certified Mopar Dealer to get the part replaced at no cost to you.

All costs associated with recalls are paid for by the manufacturer. We will replace the recalled part with an updated part that meets the manufacturer requirements and/or update the software in your vehicle with the latest version (if applicable).

We have a huge parts warehouse right down the road and we get parts delivered to our stores daily. If you let us know your VIN we will look into everything your vehicle needs then we will call you to let you know what, if anything, needs to be done to your vehicle. We will have located the parts your vehicle needs before we call you. We will be able to schedule an appointment for you or let you know our hours so you can come in when you find the time.

When there is a recall we usually have the new parts here in our store. We also have a giant warehouse right down the road that delivers parts to our store a few times a day. On the off chance we have to special order something for you, we will have located it and gotten an estimated delivery date before we call you. We work for you. Enter in your information below to find out if there is an open recall or software update on your car.

Recall Notice

  • We need your VIN so we can look your vehicle up and identify any recalls associated with it.