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What we do

We use high quality parts to make sure your vehicle is running like the day you drove it off the lot. To ensure your vehicle is on the road for years to come you should regularly schedule oil changes to avoid larger repairs down the line. Using high quality Pennzoil brand motor oil out certified  service technicians will replace you rold oil and oil filter, a professional oil change like this is the best way to avoid engine damage and increase fuel efficiency. 

When you should change your oil 

Your vehicle may have systems installed to notify you when it is time to get an oil change such as an Oil Life Monitoring System, if not, check your cars owners Manual for the manufactures preffered method. When in doubt it is a good idea to schedule an oil change every 5,000 miles. 

Take advantage of Mopar Express Lane

We know it can be difficult to schedule a time for vehicle maintenance, Its for that reason here at Quirk we offer Mopar Express Lane. you can get your car serviced with no appointment needed, just call ahead to tell us what kind of problem you're having and we'll move forward to getting your vehicle back on the road.   

Signs you may need an oil change.

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Oil stains under you vehicle could be a bigger problem

It may be time to schedule your vehicle for service if you start to see oil stains or puddles in your garage or driveway. An oil leak is usually a sign of worn out parts such as broken seals, worn out gaskets, or a loose oil pan drain plug. these small leaks can lead to bigger problems and lead to poor engine performance. when you bring your vehicle in for service out certified service technicians will assess the situation and help you get your vehicle back to peak performance.

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Low oil level or oil pressure can damage your vehicle

When oil level gets to low or oil pressure gets to high, permanent engine failure can occur due to high amounts of friction. Low oil pressure is often caused by an oil pump malfunction or low oil level. if your oil pressure light comes on during transit and does not go away it is a good time to schedule a service appointment.

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