Get Your Car Ready for Winter with These Critical Tips

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Winter in the Northeast can be unforgiving, but there are several ways to protect your car from the effects of the brutal cold. Our Chrysler and Jeep dealership offers quality auto repair near Boston to help with all of your winterization projects, and these key five areas are the most important to consider:

  1. auto repair near BostonDefend Against Snow with Wash and Wax: By washing and waxing your vehicle by hand in advance of the cold, you can protect your paint job. Snow and ice will also brush off more easily with this protective cleaning and coating.
  2. Check the Power System: The winter can take a toll on your battery and electrical systems with defroster and heat turned on. A diagnostic test before the first blizzard is better than getting caught on the road during it.
  3. Keep Your Fluids Up: This doesn’t just apply for a flu or cold, but also for your engine with coolants and other fluid levels. With the extra strain on your engine due to the frigid temperatures, it’s important to keep an eye on these levels or trust a mechanic.
  4. Protect Your Eyes From Snow: Windshield wipers are never more important than in the winter, with snow and ice storms on the horizon. Invest in wipers specifically designed for the winter, as well as washer fluid mixed with a deicer agent for best results.
  5. Assemble Your Winter Tools: Beyond equipping your car, there are several useful items to keep in your car for your travels. Snow brushes, ice scrapers, jumper cables, a snow shovel, tire chains are all valuable in inclement weather.

Winter Prep Comes Easy With Our Auto Repair Near Boston

auto repair near BostonWhen the weather outside turns frightful, there’s no reason to panic with the help of the service staff at Quirk Chrysler Jeep. Our team of mechanics and technicians can help keep your car prepared for the elements ahead, including any of the scans and diagnostic checks mentioned here.

For more information on our auto repair and service center, please contact the sales team at our Chrysler and Jeep dealer near Boston by calling (888) 890-6420!


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